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DIY Programmable Dancing Robot Kit

Make and programme our DIY Programmable Dancing Smart Robot Kit with Arduino code to walk, gesture, change directions and dance!

The robot can detect and avoid obstacles intelligently.

Visual programming can be utilised, start with no knowledge and learn to program in a fun way! 

HUMANOID ROBOT - The robot walks on two legs, you can program on it to change its gestures and directions. 

LEARN TO CODE EASILY - You can learn how to code faster and easier than ever with visual programming language software, or Arduino code.

OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE- With the "eyes" (ultrasonic), it can avoid obstacles intelligently

FLEXIBLE – It can do various movements flexibly, like alternate speed and alternate left and right feet.  

If you have several robots, you can control them to play together, for example: racing, kicking a ball and battle.

Kit Contents 

  • 4 x Servo 9g
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Module
  • 4 x M3*30 Bi-pass Aluminium Standoff
  • 4 x M3*6+6 Single-pass Aluminium Standoff
  • 12 x M3*8 Round Head Phillips Screw
  • 12 x M3*6 Round Head Phillips Screw
  • 16 x M3 Nut
  • 12 x M2*8 Round Head Phillips Screw
  • 12 x M2 Nut
  • 8 x M1.2*4 Self-tapping Screw
  • 4 x M1.4*8 Round Head Phillips Screw
  • 4 x M1.4 Nut
  • 1 x Nano Board
  • 1 x Servo Control Board
  • 1 x 2x18650 Battery Holder
  • 1 x Heat Shrink Tubing (30cm)
  • 1 x Riband (40CM)
  • 2 x M3*6 Hollow Rivet
  • 2 x Ø3*8*4 Band Edge Bearing
  • 1 x Mini USB Cable
  • 1 x 4-Pin Anti-reverse Cable
  • 1 x Phillips Screw Driver

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DIY Programmable Dancing Robot Kit

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DIY Programmable Dancing Robot Kit

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DIY Programmable Dancing Robot Kit

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DIY Dancing Robot Kit

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DIY Dancing Robot Kit