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Recordable Games Answer Buzzers

You are going to need to bulk buy some batteries for the hours of fun you will have with our set of four Recordable Games Answer Buzzers.  

After a long press, the button will record your voice, sound effects, music or messages.  When the button is pressed it replays the recorded sound.  Perfect for trivia and games nights!  Turn every board or card game into chaos and laughter with each player having their own customised sound. 

It can also be a fun interactive toy for young children learning new words. 

How smart is your pet? See if you can train your pet to understand that by pressing  the correct "Food," "Walk," and "Outside" button they can get what they want.     

You will Receive: 4 x Recordable Buttons: Blue, Pink, Green and Orange

All The Specifications
Size: 8cm wide x 3.5cm high 
Battery: 2 x AAA (not included)
Volume: 80dB

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Leta Bergstrom

Recordable Games Answer Buzzers

Micheal Walter

Recordable Games Answer Buzzers

Beulah Johns

Excellent product, great service will shop with them again.

Carlo Wyman

Recordable Games Answer Buzzers

Kiel McGlynn

Everything is super! Buttons work!