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70 Piece Wooden Alphabet and Number Stamp Set

This beautiful 70 Piece Wooden Alphabet and Number Stamp Set is a creative set for kids and adults to create their own world of words.  Perfect for envelopes, letters, greeting cards, notebooks, arts and craft, labelling and journalling.  What better way to ignite their interest in letters, language and numbers than with play! 

The wooden stamps are produced and engraved with high quality wood and are included in a delightful wooden box to keep all them all together.

Included in the Box

  • 26x capital letter seal
  • 26x lower case seal
  • 10x number seal
  • 8x punctuation seal


  • Seal Size: 1.2cm x 0.9 x 4cm 
  • Wooden Box Size: 14.5cm 8.5cm x 5cm
  • Net Weight: 0.275g 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Jerad Pfeffer

70 Piece Wooden Alphabet and Number Stamp Set

Pansy Hand

Everything is fine, I got it in the mail.

Carlie Farrell

The letters are small but are very beautiful. Still not used but looks all OK

Antonette Hintz

I really love these stamps and their little box. I did have to go through and carefully peel every stamp off its base and re-align it because they were all put together very crookedly. I'd rather not have to do this but the item was so inexpensive I wasn't really surprised. Other than this, the quality is great and all the stamped images come out cleanly, the wood is well finished and sealed on the handles as well as the cute little box. With proper care these should last a very long time.

Grace Rippin

love it! However, it doesn't work with one of my ink pads. Maybe it requires rubber stamp pad?