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Professional Quality Coloured Pencils

Your artistic talent deserves our Professional Quality Coloured Pencils.

The vibrant colours are clear, smooth, consistent and will not fade easily, ensuring your drawing and sketching is long lasting. 

Perfect for artists, drawers, sketchers, students and kids.

Strong & Non-Toxic our pencils will not easily break

5 Pencil Option Sets: 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 pencils

You Will Receive: Pencils + Metal Case

This product is fast shipped for free to you directly from our overseas warehouse.

30 Day Guarantee & Return!

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30 Day Return & Guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Everardo O'Reilly

The case was a little dented and two pencils had broken tips. It was easy enough to bend the tin back into shape and sharpen the pencils. Great value for top quality pencils.

Lily Jenkins

It was a gift to a child. The child is delighted. Thank you, quality pencils!!!

Moises Kris

Everything came whole, not one dent. Packed in 3 puffs.

Terrell Renner

Received. It came very quickly. The goods arrived in excellent condition. There is a small place where the box is crumpled, but I did not even notice at once. Quality is excellent♥& Middot;

Orval Dare

I took it for a gift, I did not use it yet. Appearance is very good. Delivery 23 days