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  • Acrylic Reptile and Insect Tank

    Our Acrylic Reptile and Insect Tank is made of healthy, safe, non-toxic and odourless acrylic. It features good weather resistance, a high level of surface hardness, surface gloss, and high temperature performance.

    With crystal like transparency, the light transmittance is over 92%. The light is soft and the vision is clear!   

    A temperature and humidity meter is included (battery required).


    • Small 29cm X 19.6cm x 15cm
    • Large 37.5cm X 24.6cm X 19.4cm
    • A transparent view for observing the daily routine
    • Temperature and humidity display.
    • Suitable for spiders, snakes, scorpions, hermit crabs, etc.
    • Provides a large and comfortable space for play and rest in the tank.
    • Durable acrylic structure with vertical bar holes to ensure your pet has plenty of oxygen.
    • Lifting lid and feeding hole design to facilitate feeding, water feeding and cleaning
    • A lock on the cover to prevent pet escape and for safety.
    • DIY Assembly

    Fast shipped for free from our overseas warehouse.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Pete Robel

    Acrylic Reptile and Insect Tank

    Ethel Cronin

    Fast shipment, three weeks on the road. Corresponds to the description. Going easy. Good luck to seller and good sales.

    Keenan Hauck

    Acrylic Reptile and Insect Tank

    Bert Smitham

    Acrylic Reptile and Insect Tank

    Casey Kreiger

    Arrived quick, sturdy build, for everyone asking what those rubber rings are for, they are there to hook onto the joints of the acrylic box to hold them in place and make it more sturdy.

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