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  • Soccer Practice Kick Trainer

    With our Soccer Practice Kick Trainer you can improve your control of the ball and technique. Maximise touches of the ball as you improve passing, dribbling, and overall footwork.

    Soccer Practice Kick Trainer With a high-quality and a durable tethered waistband you will stop wasting your time chasing the ball and spend more time perfecting your performance.

    Develop confidence and keep your eye on the goal as you practice independently so you'll be ready for every game.  Improve shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control, and throw-ins.

    Soccer Practice Kick Trainer is perfect for solo training.  Shoot, pass or juggle to improve skills, increase control, kick-ups, shooting, throw-ins, goal keeper skills, saves and much more.

    The adjustable belt with quality velcro fastening allows for a comfortable fit.

    2m Elastic cord can be adjusted to suit various training activities and it stretches up to 5 metres.

    Compatible for all standard ball sizes 3, 4, and 5

    Package Includes

    1 x soccer training belt

    Ball not included

    Fast shipped for free from our overseas warehouse.

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    Coby Langosh

    Soccer Practice Kick Trainer

    Eryn Gerlach

    Soccer Practice Kick Trainer

    Sam Bayer

    Soccer Practice Kick Trainer

    Afton Sipes

    Soccer Practice Kick Trainer

    Sydnee Tromp

    Soccer Practice Kick Trainer

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